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So, I had this great idea to start this awesome and amazing blog about all this wonderful and disturbing information I've been discovering and how that information is inspiring all these invigorating changes in my life...and after getting this LJ account started and finding a bunch of fun icons and all that business - I don't really know where to start actually, y'know, blogging.

Ever since I was in grade school, I've felt a strong desire - almost a calling, really - to improve our world and especially our environment, but until recently I wasn't doing very much about it. Then this summer I read (among many others) The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, both of which I cannot recommend highly enough. These two books jumpstarted my then-latent eco-tendencies, and for the past several months I've been gradually shifting my lifestyle to a path that's more in accordance with my ethical and environmental beliefs, doing lots of research along the way.  I was also inspired by the blogs of Green as a Thistle and No Impact Man to keep a record of my choices and evaluate how well (or not well, as the case may be) those work out.  (Although I'm not quite brave enough to go to some of the extremes they did!)

This is mainly to help me keep track of what I've found out, as lately the amount of my bookmarks have grown rather exponentially. And while I'm not really the wear-my-activism-on-my-sleeve type, I also started thinking that maybe I should share the results of all this research I'm doing, in case anyone else is interested.  Cuz if I'm doing a whole lot of research, then why should you have to?

Some of you might be reading because I know you in real life and you were nice enough to follow the link off my Facebook or Myspace page. (And if you are - I try to keep my real name out of my LiveJournal stuff cuz this is, y'know, public and I'm paranoid like that, so if you could do the same, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!)  Some of you might be from the friendslist of my previous incarnation on LJ.  And who knows?  Some of you might even have wandered in by chance!  (Or I could just be typing messages out into a dark void of nothingness, and I guess that's fine too.)

So if you're reading, enjoy! Feel free to comment, offer advice/suggestions, correct me if I'm misinformed or make mistakes, or just say hi. :-)

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