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My Green Wish List

Rushing out and buying a whole lot of new stuff kind of defeats the purpose when trying to adhere to the precepts of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".  Nonetheless, this is a list of various things I want, all of which (I hope) will help me to have a more sustainable existence once I acquire them.  Right now, I'm either too broke or I haven't yet used up all of something similar.  (Or both!)

Smart Strip - Just like a regular power strip, except that these automatically switch off things we tend to leave plugged in that, even though we think they're "off", actually suck up lots of power that just gets wasted.  Cell phone chargers are notorious for this, and un- and re-plugging them all the time is a pain, so this handy device would save lots of annoyance and make my conscience happy too.

organic cotton drawstring sacks - I love the bulk bins at Whole Foods, but I hate having to use those plastic produce bags.  I'm hoping these are woven tightly enough to work for flour and the like.  They also carry half-size bags which, although they're not organic, might be a good option as well.

indoor compost pail - I don't have a yard, and I highly doubt I have time (or desire at present) to get into vermicomposting, but one of these would be great for food scraps, and I can use the results to fertilize the container veggie garden that I still intend to start.  And I love that this one is shiny and pretty, plus Crate & Barrel has some really good environmental initiatives going on.

folding recycling bags - Sadly, my neighborhood doesn't yet participate in Chicago's still-in-progress Blue Cart program, so recycling isn't as easy as it could be.  But after I get these, hopefully it'll be easier for me to take the contents to a public collection area, maybe on a once-a-week basis combined with other car-needing errands, of course.

French butter keeper - This one doesn't really do a whole lot to save the world, but I'm fascinated by the concept, and if I had room-temperature organic butter readily available, that would just be nifty.  So far I've only seen organic butter in stick form, plus I'd rather avoid all the extra packaging with the spreadable butter containers.  A quick google, however, got me a recipe to make my own spreadable butter...hmm, interesting.  That also might warrant investigation.  Amazon also carries butter keepers in different styles and at lower prices, so I'll definitely shop around before purchasing.

AeroGarden - My fascination knows no bounds with this.  I've been wanting one since I first heard about them several years ago - what I really want is one of these 3-shelf systems!  I still want to plant a conventional container garden - the kind with dirt - to grow various veggies and herbs (and I got a fabulous recycled gardening kit for Christmas that I can't wait to try out), but an AeroGarden would be an awesome backup for my not-so-green thumb.
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